FreakNotes: Tennessee vs Georgia Tech – Offense play by play (video)

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September 5, Tuesday

  • Happy Tuesday, VolNationals! Incredible game, huh? Due to lack of sleep, the late game, and the fact that I’ve been working on game videos, I don’t have a traditional FreakNotes post this afternoon. Instead, I’m posting the full game video in full HD 1080p and the offensive play by play video for your viewing pleasure. If you’re hankering for news and discussion, there’s more than you can possibly digest in the Vols Football Forum. Oh, and sending a ‘get well soon’ to “The Dog” Jauan Jennings, who is expected to miss the next 12 weeks of the season.

Tennessee Vols vs Georgia Tech: offense play by play

Tennessee Vols vs Georgia Tech: full game video

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6 responses to “FreakNotes: Tennessee vs Georgia Tech – Offense play by play (video)”

  1. Just got back from the ATL and, naturally, pulled up VN and up popped this video. After witnessing this marvelous fiasco at Mercedes Benz Stadium, this little piece of desert was, indeed, a marvelous topping. Also, Freak, it solidified my thoughts that, once QD managed to achieve his rhythm, our offense, despite GT’s very tough, sound and well disciplined defense, showed the talent/grit necessary to play big boy football. It’s going to be a better unit than many believe at this juncture. Keep ’em ‘tween the ditches whilst tuning up with Indiana State, then whoop them gayduhs!

    • Thanks for the comment sameolvol. Hope you had a great time in Atlanta. I’m sure you did. Thanks for being the voice in Atlanta for those of us who weren’t able to attend.