Freshman tight end Kyle Oliver leaving Tennessee

Tennessee freshman tight end Kyle Oliver is leaving the Tennessee football program for an unspecified violation of team rules.

According to Dustin Dopriak, Oliver was in the car with Charles Mosley during his incident with police last week.

According to a police report, Oliver was in the car when redshirt freshman lineman Charles Mosley was pulled over last week and charged with driving under the influence of marijuana and speeding. Mosley has a hearing scheduled for Oct. 15. Oliver was not cited or charged even though he was named in the report.

Fellow freshman Jocquez Bruce left the team last week after being suspended from team activities.

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  1. So much more than it’s ever been before, these very young men on the brink of stardom have got to get it together in regards to their behavior. Screw up and you’re screwed. Maybe most of these kids are starting to get it. Geeeeeeez! If Tom Brady gets no sympathy for deflated balls, then what are these boys thinking speeding and smoking weed?

  2. Before its over we might be able to sign 25 recruits in the 16 class instead of the 18 to 20, weed out the weak and bring in more talented players, if we wont to get to the top thats what we got to do, some call it dirty but i say we just keeping up with the times College Football gets dirty sometimes.

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