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I have got to say that without a doubt, todays find on Facebook Marketplace will find a spot in the Top 3 of Vol Memorabilia I have. Yes, the ball itself is not in the greatest shape, but undeniably, it has the signatures of all the key members of the 1990 Team, which may be one of the best Tennessee team in my lifetime, and quite frankly would be impossible to acquire all these signatures anymore. The pictures I am posting are the pics that the seller had on Marketplace, but honestly, while it is not in great shape, it does look better in person. From best I can tell, here are the notable sigs which I can tell are not facsimilies, but, as they say on Pawn Stars, is live ink: Andy Kelly, Cory Fleming, Steve Matthews, Chuck Smith, Chris Mims, Bernard Dafney, Roland Poles, Sterling Henton, Tony Thompson, Chuck Webb, Dale Carter, Alvin Harper, Carl Pickens, Earnest Fields, Greg Amsler, Mark Adams, Shon Walker, Tom Myslensky, Chip McCallum, Orion McCants, Mark Fletcher, Ronald Davis, Mose Phillips, Mark Moore, Keith Denson, Roderick Lewis, Greg Burke, Rodney Riddick, Von Reeves, Jeremy Lincoln, Anthony Morgan, and one or two I cannot make out. Unfortunately, I do not see Johnny Majors or a couple players I would like including Kevin Mayes, Darrell Hardy, Antone Davis, Mike Stowell, John Fisher, JJ Surlas, Shazzon Bradley, Floyd Miley, Jerry Colquitt, JJ McClesky, Craig Faulkner, and Joey Champan. But all in all, for the quality of players it contains, $100 was more than a fair price to me. The seller told me he bought a house and the person he bought it from left a lot of stuff behind in the basement and told him to haul it all off, and this was in there.


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Drew Beam
I wanted a Dalton Knecht autographed basketball, tried to get one after the Kentucky game, but never could get it. Now he’s in LA. Unfortunately, they’re $575 through Vol Club. 😢
Highly recommend commissioning a work from this guy. Chad is a solid human. He donated this one to our scholarship fund and Dobbs signed it.

I’ll post pics of the ones he’s doing now once I get them delivered. 👍🏻



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