Without saying your age, who was your favorite player when you first started watching football?


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Oct 29, 2008
As a kid the first televised UT game I watched I got to see Condredge Holloway play. My first UT game I ever saw in person I was blessed to see my favorite player the legendary Reggie White. Lord I miss him. Alan Cockrill was pretty awesome to watch back then too. I am friends with one of Alan's former UT teammates and had the honor to meet him several years ago. Such great memories then of every saturday always reading the Tennessean paper to know game times and sitting in my bedroom floor listening to the legend John Ward bring the games to life on the radio while my mom bugged me every 15 minutes or so with "don't you want to go outside and play with your friends and your brother?" My response was always the same, "After the game! I'm listening to Reggie!" Man I miss John Ward too.

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