Where is Rod Wilks these days!

Oct 21, 2012
We need a new Rod Wilks. That was fun while it lasted
Perhaps one of the transfer in players. Hell, why not all of the incoming players? Transfers, HS signees, basketball players who decide to go out for football ect ect ect. Do a few on all of them. Make em feel welcome.

Example: The day of Jeremiah's Crawford's arrival into Knoxville, there was a street fight taking place somewhere on Alcoa Highway. He stopped his car, and with a booming voice yelled, "Y'all cut that 5h1t out." The fighting parties took one look at him, trembled in fear, and by the time the police finally arrived, all volunteered for 1 year of anger management classes, because it was at some point demanded by Jeremiah Crawford.
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