What happens to our coaches if we lose our next game against Florida?


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Dec 18, 2012
Nothing happens. Losing to Vanderbilt however could be a different story.
Sadly this may now be the measuring stick -whether we win or lose to Vandy. The fact that a win in this game could be possibly considered a job-saver makes the idea of everything hinging on this game even more absurd.


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Jan 3, 2009
Funny thing about contracts. There's never a clause in there about sucking too bad. LOL
I've never understood why these contracts are not performance based in BOTH directions... They get paid like It's all the coach when they win and it's not their fault when they suck....


Dec 30, 2017
Does this mean CJP is removed or does it not make a difference for this year?
Losing to a top 5 or 6 team cannot logically be used as a decision point on a coaches future..... Nobody has to like it, but Trask has come out of nowhere and been great... Lots of questions about this years team that coach will have to answer to CPF at the end of the season if they have not already sat down and gone through an analysis. I personally believe he is back next year barring some issue not related to on the field performance, and next years trend the decision maker. Bailey or Salter could go a long way in healing that side of the ball, but I am not sure where help on the other side of the ball comes from. Lots of recruiting stars on that side of the ball too... just don't know if a few additions and a full year in the program for others can get it done. But it would be shocking if he did not get the chance. Just hope he or the next guy do not have to pay the price for the negative press some people in Orange will give them. There is no way this year to even gauge the true thoughts of the Vol Nation with bowl attendance being eliminated. It amazes me that that nickel and dime folks feel entitled to make million dollar declarations about our program in absolute terms. Never trust folks that only answer rhetorical questions and never ask any. Arrogance is a terrible replacement for humility, especially with the odd circumstances this year has provided in all phases of life.

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Jan 30, 2010
Pretty sad many of us know better than our admin.

Dooley was done after year 2 and we let him replace most of his staff. Didn’t matter.

Butch had to rebuild after losing most of his playmakers. Most of his staff moved on because they knew what was about to happen the next year.

Does anyone really expect things to be dramatically better a year from now? Our problems are beyond the QB and a few position coaches. Pruitt has a thin Rolodex and some of his hires have been pretty lame.
"On paper" good hires! On paper 5* player? On paper Mac Jones 3* QB 🙄 at 62 years old! I give up! Trying to figure this out. What I do know! GO! BIG DAMN! ORANGE!!. ps. If y'all figure it out? Let me know plz!

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