What鈥檚 your alma mater? (High School)


Tin Man

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Mar 9, 2015
al路ma ma路ter
[藢盲lm蓹 藞m盲d蓹r]

(one's alma mater)
  1. the school, college, or university that one once attended:
    "he started teaching at his alma mater"
    educational institution 路 center of learning 路 academycollege 路 phrontistery
    • the anthem of a school, college, or university.

This thread cites high school. I don't have feelings of fidelity to my high schools. I don't think of either as my alma mater. After finally completing requirements for a diploma from my second high school, I was searching for a college that would award me the grants, loans, and scholarships for which I qualified. Some told me that there was no money for me. Two told me that they would inform me of their decision mere weeks before I'd be required to report for Fall term. The University of Tennessee not only accepted me, they gave me a decision on my financial aid application within weeks of my submission, adding $500 from the general scholarship fund. I was able to attend and earn a BSBA. UT has my fidelity. I proudly call it my alma mater.

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