We’re losing S&C Coach Fitz after all


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Feb 8, 2010
Yet another setback for our team. I honestly thought 2021 would be a year we could possibly contend for the East. That hope just got blasted. Fitz was one of the best and really turned our team around.

This is a huge loss that will be hard to come back from. Constant disappointments is the life of a Vols fan it seems.
I think you are overreacting a bit.

S&C is a pretty broadly studied and disseminated science. They just need someone who has experience and shares core philosophies with CJP. They're out there. I see a lot of CFB programs with players like Pruitt wants. Pruitt probably knows 10-12 guys that could do the job well. If there's one thing he's shown, he's connected to a lot of good football people.

The team wasn't small and weak under Jones only because of the S&C coach. They were small and weak because the HC didn't promote a culture of accountability and continuous improvement. He also didn't recruit enough guys that were physically capable of becoming elite SEC football players.

We'll be fine.

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