'20 WA OLB Sav'ell Smalls


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Oct 20, 2013
He definitely sounds like he is still very interested despite last week. Maybe his measuring stick for improvement involves more than W/L record.
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Jan 26, 2010
Very high on Pruitt
Alabama- "It's a football factory, they've won so many national championships in so many years, Coach (Nick) Saban is all about business, he knows what it takes to get to the national championship. The Jalen Hurts video, you can tell the lessons he learned from Coach Saban and Alabama, he took with him. I want to build myself as a football player and as a person."

Florida State- "Coach (Willie) Taggart offered me my freshman year when he was at Oregon and when he went to Florida State, he made sure to extend that offer right way. I love the culture and the people there."

Oregon- "Coach (Mario) Cristobal, I like how he brings his expertise and knowledge from Alabama. His offensive linemen are physical, they play a physical brand of football. I can definitely see the progress and the steps they took as a program."

Tennessee- "Coach (Jeremy) Pruitt, I said it before, he’s a defensive mastermind. He develops outside linebackers like no other. It would give me an opportunity to play right away, not just because of talent, but numbers wise, because they need someone to come in and rush the passer.

Washington- "Washington got back in it because I made a pre-mature decision, as a teenager, even in a few months, my mind changes daily, there was a lot going on. But knowing the opportunities they provide and what they're doing, I had to look into it and give it a little more thought."

Washington State- "It's a hometown school, it's not the closest, but still in-state, and I want to show love. It's a different culture there. If you haven't been to Pullman before, I suggest you go there just to get a vibe and feeling of what the family is like. Everybody loves it and has so much pride in their school."

But a decision will likely be made before any All-Star games.
"I think I'll decide sometime in the next few months," said Smalls. "I'm going to use these next couple months to see. At this point, I really have all the information I need. I'm just really excited to get this over with."

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