VolNation's Power-T Talk Podcast: The Basketball Team and Jim Chaney



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Jul 7, 2008
I wasn't sure where to post this but since we do discuss Jim Chaney (at about the 45-minute mark) I figured I would post this in the football forum (and it would get more looks) since this is where I normally put our podcast.

I and @TBrown go over a few things: We discuss the basketball team and what the expectations are this year. We talk about Jordan Bone and his improvement. We also go over how real a national title is this year for the basketball team.

On the Jim Chaney front, we compare it to a baseball result (strikeout, double, maybe a home run?) and what we like about the hire. We talk about the stability Jim Chaney brings to Tennessee and what it means for Jarrett Guarantano.

Here is the SoundCloud link:
We are also on soundcloud.com/powerttalk and on iTunes at VolNation Power-T Talk. The iTunes download should be available tomorrow night (had to change the RSS feed and that can take up to 24 hours). You can subscribe on iTunes or follow us on SoundCloud. Hope you enjoy!


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Feb 4, 2009
One point I had circled to make on the podcast and got sidetracked regarding the timing of the hire:

I think about 10-14 days in and then again after bowl games with no clear candidates panic really set it in some places that there didn’t appear to be anyone willing to take the job. Is Pruitt in over his head? Does anyone want to work with him? Etc.

I believe he is to be commended for sticking to his guns and waiting for the right candidate whether he knew who it was going to be all along (I don’t think so, sorry Doug Matthews) or not. Took stones to not panic and make the wrong hire especially with all the noise surrounding Tennessee coaching searches.

Also Phil and the administration should be applauded as well. $1.6 is not chump change. Maybe we can get some power broker realignment and be serious about contending in football again.

Thank you guys that take a listen. Appreciate any feedback. These are fun to make, @zjcvols is great at what he does and I hope it helps pass time for your day at work at a minimum.

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