U.S. Senate passes bill to support advanced nuclear energy deployment



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Oct 26, 2014
Based. Le Bern and Markey were the only "no" votes.

I'm ready for my nuclear powered fridge, please.

June 18 (Reuters) - The U.S. Senate on Tuesday passed a bill to accelerate the deployment of nuclear energy capacity, including by speeding permitting and creating new incentives for advanced nuclear reactor technologies.

Expanding nuclear power has broad bipartisan support, with Democrats seeing it as critical to decarbonizing the power sector to fight climate change and Republicans viewing it as a way to ensure reliable electricity supply and create jobs.
Emissions from the oil and gas sector put 120 million metric tons of methane into the atmosphere last year, according to a recent IEA report.

A version of the bill had already passed in the House of Representatives and it will now go to President Joe Biden for a signature to become law. It passed the Senate 88-2 votes.

Among other things, the bill would cut regulatory costs for companies seeking to license advanced nuclear reactor technologies, would create a prize for the successful deployment of next-generation reactors, and would speed licensing for nuclear facilities at certain sites.

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