'22 TX WR Evan Stewart (Texas commit)



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May 3, 2020
Wow. We might have a good shot at this guy. His whole family is full of vol fans 😏

VolQuest - Rivals100 wide receiver Evan Stewart talks family ties to Tennessee

"My whole family went to the University of Tennessee," Stewart said. "The offer meant a lot for that reason. I didn't tell (my family). I let them find out on their own (laughs). They blew my phone up."

Stewart and his family are originally from Memphis and as he outlined have fond memories of their time in Knoxville. He hasn't been here in a couple of years, but certain things standout.

"What I like is the campus and the spot that my family and I ate at down on the river (Calhouns)," Stewart said. "I like that stadium. It's mesmerizing."

Stewart attended his first ever college football game inside historic Neyland Stadium. He vividly remembers details that have long stuck with him that made him fall in love with the sport.

"It was against Ole Miss," Stewart said. "I was wearing these two Tennessee bands on my wrists and I had the smokey gray jersey when they first came out when they were by Adidas. We were killing them. We were killing them."

He has offers from so many top schools and he knows it will change how he looks at football in college, but he also knows that their will be a friendly nudge from those closest to him.

"Of course they are going to want me to go to Tennessee," Stewart said.
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Apr 18, 2020
It would be nice to get 3 or 4 top 100 level prospects on board early for peer recruiting.

Progress on the field and I think 2022 could be a program changing recruiting class.
From what I've read, we lead or have a legitimate shot for Nolen, Simpson, Nichols, & Stewart. All 4 are easily in the top 100. That would be a great start to the class!

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