'25 TX TE Jack Van Dorselaer (Tennessee commit)

“his quarterback.” 🤩
Jack Van Dorselaer committed to Tennessee less than two weeks ago, and he wasted no time in returning to Knoxville to be back around the Volunteers staff. “It was great,” Van Dorselaer said of the trip. “I got to go the game and spend time with Coach Abes and Coach Heupel. I got to witness the Tennessee fanbase again in a different environment at the basketball arena. Tennesse is a football school, but seeing the fans show out for basketball was really cool.”
Van Dorselaer was able to spend a lot of quality time with his family this weekend as well. “We kind of did a guy’s trip this weekend,” Van Dorselaer said of being around his family on the visit. “We are staying here with my family that lives here, and it was fun just staying around them and hanging out around the city and campus.”
During the visit, he was able to spend time with Tennessee’s newest commitment, George MacIntyre. “I think he is a cool guy, very humble, and I think the connection with us would be very good, ” he said. “I think he is a very great guy. I am really big on who you are and who you hangout around and based on hanging out with him, I would love to get to work with him and start building that connection, so when we get here, it is smooth.”
Van Dorselaer was able to spend time with other recruits who are not necessarily close to Tennessee from a geographical standpoint during the visit. “I think with me being here and being able to talk to other guys and tell them my thought process through it, so I definitely think it makes it easier for me to recruit other people through it,” he said.

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