'25 TX TE Jack Van Dorselaer (Tennessee commit)

Can't believe this dude is 16-17 yoa! He's jacked. Bet this one will be tough to hold on to considering that elite offer list.
Plays at a strong program!
Have to feel old when you arrive in an area 28 years ago and the HC’s dad is running the same program at a nationally recognized level and you remember Riley Dodge played WR with Chase Daniel ballin at QB. Was a big fan of how that high school did things as the ONLY school in Southlake for decades. Really cool culture that endures to this day. They run the same offense all the way down to Pee Wee leagues and bleach their hair during the playoffs. Another fun fact is Greg McElroy succeeded Chase Daniel and won another championship before Bama.
Plays at a strong program!
Yep. Just hope our luck with Texas kids improves with this cat. HUDL looks strong. Already got a solid start with that frame/size/weight. Won't take much for him to be physically ready for the SEC.
Surprise BOOM! I like it.
Much like Pope, Abeln seems to be doing a fine job recruiting his position. Was a little concerned when we struck out on a few kids this class then we land the highest rated TE in the portal and now this kid commits in this class who was supposedly Abeln’s first offer as an analyst.
2024 class was meh (outside of WR) overall including at TE and that combined with a small board it didn’t go too well once they missed on Reddell/Roger. I think 2025 class is supposed to be pretty good outside of QB and Abe learned a lot hopefully so you should see more continued improvement as recruiting relationships are established years in advance. Just imo

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