'25 TX TE Jack Van Dorselaer (Tennessee commit)

“Going through the process, I was looking for a place that feels like home but at the same time a place I know the coaching staff has my back and a place where I’d be proud to represent the T on the side of my helmet and wear the colors for the rest of my life,” Vandoreselaer said. “That’s why I picked Tennessee. Living in Knoxville, I really liked the town also. Those are the main reasons I picked Tennessee.”
The Lonestar state native got to know tight ends coach Alec Abeln really well through the process and playing for the young Vol assistant appealed to him. “He is a really great guy,” Vandorselaer said. “I’ve had some time to really talk to him and get to know him not just as a football mind but also as a person. I feel like he is a guy I really want to go work for and a guy who has my back and I will have his too.”
When Vandorselaer called to tell Abeln and Josh Heupel, they were obviously thrilled and it was Heupel who stood out to him when he watched Tennessee games this fall. “I think he is a really cool guy,” Vandorselaer said. “There is no one I’d rather go work for than him. Just watching him on the sidelines during games, and how his presence goes when good and bad things happen and how he handles that I really admire that and I feel like he is a really fun guy.”
“I was debating between a few schools but honestly when I went to that game (SCAR) and sang Rocky Top after the first score, I was like this is where I want to play,” Vandorselaer said. “This is where I want to be.” “I like to think of myself as a Swiss Army knife,” Vandorselaer said. “I can block and I can catch. I’m fast and I can get open in space. I feel like I bring the run game and the passing game. Some tight ends these days just want to go out and catch. I like to do the dirty work as well but I have the speed to get open in space as well.”

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