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Apr 5, 2009
“I kind of knew the Tennessee offer was coming,” Hardy said. “The coaches and people from Tennessee had been in contact with dad and let him know something might be coming. Tennessee’s coaches called my coaches and offered.

Dad is former Vol Daryl Hardy who played from 1988-1991. Hardy is most known by Tennessee fans for the blocked field goal to end the first half at Notre Dame in the ’91 Miracle at Southbend.

Hardy was more than a one play wonder for the Vols as he recorded 318 tackles as a linebacker and was an All-SEC selection as a senior in 1991. He went on and played six year professionally.

Now, he’s a dad whose son is getting more attention daily as a safety.

“I come down in the run game very well making tackles at the line of scrimmage,” Jaydan Hardy said of his game. “I can ball hawk as a free safety in the middle of the field. But my biggest thing is my ability to read the quarterback.”

An attribute he learned from his father.

“My dad taught me to read quarterbacks I was younger,” Hardy offered. “I have always played safety so I have grown up with him helping be able to see the whole field. I play some slot receiver as well. Once you start learning both sides of the ball you learn tendencies. Knowing defenses so well helps me on offense and knowing what offenses want to do helps me read the quarterback and know what to look for.”
“I don’t know much about Tennessee to be honest,” Hardy said. “I have watched dad’s old highlight film. And I was up there for a game back when he was honored as a legend of the game. I remember the stadium was big and the energy in there was great.”

When it comes to evaluating his dad’s play, Jaydan said gives his father no grief outside of the way he wore his uniform.

“He was a linebacker so I give him a break on his style,” Jaydan explained. “He was a hard hitter, that’s what Iike and respect most about his game. I try to play physical like he did.”

Hardy does plan to graduate early, but he’s just getting started in his recruitment.

“Honestly, I don’t really know what I’m looking for or what I want to major in. I’m just trying to follow my dad’s advice and my coaches. Their advice is to just stay patient. Dad is always telling me to be patient and enjoy the process because it’s over in a blink of an eye.”
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Jul 28, 2018
My dad played baseball in college and so did I. We didn’t go to the same college nor did I know all about it. Not to mention this kid has grown up in Texas.
I guess people are different. But no need to assume if a player knows about the school his dad played for that means the dad is pressuring him to go to the same school.

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