TV for Tenn Tech game/SEC network +/streaming only


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Mar 12, 2016
FOR THE CORD CUTTERS. OK, this looks easy today. Just turn on your VPN, then type in Sportsurge and hit the football icon. Under that you'll see NFL logos but look closer and you will see Tech vs Volunteers on about the fourth row far right. Once you select that one, just choose "premium" under reputation column. Now after that sometimes there will be false walls to mislead you into ad screens. IF it takes you to a screen that does not have a box for viewing with an arrow, then return to "click here to watch" screen. But give it 5 or 10 seconds and select "click here to watch" or touch the arrow symbol and it will begin searching for the game. If you get directed to a new screen, just x out and go back to the "click here to watch" tab. This wont be offered until right at noon eastern. I'll confirm its working at noon. But sportsurge usually works for me. I recommend the VPN anytime you stream.

Yep, Just checked. This is working today
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Sep 20, 2009
To be fair in all this ESPN+ / SEC+ stuff - this is not anyone's fault. ESPN puts the ESPN+ link at the top, and buries the SEC+ link at the bottom. That is not an accident. When you have millions of people using your app, specifically millions of people all watching SEC teams, nothing on the app is an accident.

I don't blame anyone who gets confused by that ... well, let's just be nice and call it a hustle.

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