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Jan 5, 2016
This is our board, you are a guest here, don't forget that....You don't go into someone else's home and say we are going to kick your ass and everyone's else's ass, and not expect some kind of negative response from them....

After all we do have 8 national titles and you cocks have just one....I'm not going to count the one that you had your own "Betsy Ross" make to announce to the world you are the peoples mythical champion, or some kind of chicken crap like that...

I hope to hell my fellow Lady Vol fans don't roll over and take your chicken crap...You came here to insult us, and nothing more.
🗣🗣🗣Let em know @GameTime. You’re in OUR house!
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Nov 18, 2014
Yes just look at her coaching tree her former players who became coaches. Name one that’s proven to be good at it. Well we are waiting!
Well, then it turns out that Mike Krzyewski must not be good at X and Os either!!:

Multiple reports surfaced shortly after that current Duke assistant Jon Scheyer is expected to be named the coach-in-waiting and will likely succeed Krzyzewski when he retires. Scheyer would join the long list of former Krzyzewski assistants who later became D-I head coaches.

Overall, the tenures of these Krzyzewski-assistants-turned-head-coaches have been a mixed bag. The 12 coaches who took head jobs after assisting Coach K are a combined 2,367-2,028 (.539) overall. In their combined 147 seasons as head coaches, 32 have translated into NCAA Tournament appearances with an average of 0.88 wins per tournament. No former Krzyzewski assistant has reached the Final Four.
How interesting that two of the winningest coaches of all-time were "not good coaches" if one judges their coaching acumen, not by winning % or number of championships, but the relative success of their former assistants. Actually, three of the winningest coaches because Geno's coaching tree is pretty thin as well.

Gosh, one might wonder if this proposed criterion is maybe not so great.

{By the way, Pat's coaching tree includes Carolyn Peck who won a NC and a number of others who have sweet 16, elite 8 and conference titles on their resumes. So I am not sure who is exactly "waiting" ]


More surprises! Tara VanDerveer, with over 1100 wins, two NCs and 12 final four appearances, apparently is not good at x and o's because her coaching tree is perhaps the worst of this elite set:

Tara's coaching tree
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Jun 13, 2020
I quess we should look to Te'a Cooper for the answer to that. She played everywhere or so it seems lol
Destiny Slocum:
committed to,Maryland,Oregon State,Arkansas

Te'a Cooper:
committed to,Tennessee,South Carolina,Baylor

frequent flyers lol

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