To My Fellow Nascar Fans



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Jan 12, 2005
The Ryan Newman board I go to plays several fun seasonal racing games. Fans of all drivers are welcomed. Sign up and play along!

We want to invite all the great fans to play our free Pick 10 Fans Competition. This is the 2nd year we've opened it up to fans of other drivers and last year we had well over 80 players! The game is simple. Each week durring the Nextel Cup season we have a "Pick 10 Game". In this game you try to pick who you think will finish in the top 10 for that weeks race. You recieve points for every driver you pick that ends up in the top 10, you also get bonus points for the correct finishing spot for a driver. After each race we will add you the scores and list them into two differant standings. One will be the individuals standings of everyone that plays the game. The seconds standings will be the "Driver Fans Standings", that will be where fans of each drivers will compete against other fans. For example, all the members that play for Ryan Newman's group will have thier combined score added up and then a average will be given for thier score. It's a fun and friendly contest between fans of differant drivers. We also have several other Racing games your more than welcome to play durring the season. To sign up for your drivers team, please vist and click on the message board. After signing up, go to the "Seasonal Racing Contest" section. There you'll find a thread entitled "2005 RNO Pick 10 Group Sign Up". Post which driver you'll be playing for and then visit the board each week before the upcomming races to make your picks and view the current standings. For more information or to recieve a weekly reminder to play, email me at

Thanks for your time and best of luck!!!
I'll be there! Looking forward to the season and see how I do over the first few weeks based on listing my top 10 (in order that is, which will be tough).

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