‘23 TN RB DeSean Bishop


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Jul 13, 2011
Not all Carries are created equal. I watched a good bit of his games on the local streaming channel, some live, some replays and marveled at the lack of plays ending badly for him. They were still out there to be viewed a few weeks back. He did step out a lot and took a lot of glancing blows and went down on purpose I think. Numbers have their place but not the end all. I am GUESSING letting him get a lot of yards versus the tough yards was a trade off plan. I saw very few ooh and aah hits on him. That said, most of his runs started outside and won’t translate at the next level but WHAT I SAW was good speed with GREAT balance and vision and making a lot of reads when to cut back vs trying to make the corner against defenses that knew what was coming. Don’t have a clue what his physical development and speed potential is going forward. Some guys top out early, some don’t. Risk/reward is what it is and I will go with our staff and wish him well if we don’t offer.
He also had a LOT of plays called back due to penalties. I can’t remember the game but he had 3 tds of longer than 60 yards called back. So instead of 1 carry per drive he might have had 5-6. Plus the ones that didn’t count.
Dec 1, 2004
Why do you feel that a player should have to play in a terrible program just because of where his parents own a house? The responsibility should be on the crappy schools to improve their programs such that serious players want to be there. Instead the adults who are doing a bad job want to make rules to eliminate the consequences of being bad at their job. These kids just want a good experience and a chance to learn and be developed and that’s the main reason most leave.
You're starting to make an argument for no school districts, unless you're also making the argument that athletes should get special preference per not having to follow district rules?

Many times, programs can't improve due to budgets, and budgets depend on tax base, and tax money depends on the affluence of the district. So, the argument becomes, "They should have the right to have other parents pay for their school."

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