'25 TN QB George MacIntyre (Tennessee commit)

He is the #8 QB on On3. We prioritized him over the #3 and #4 QB. Alabama prioritized him over the #6 QB. This will likely get corrected by the time he signs. Honestly don't care if it doesn't though.
lol it won’t be corrected.

Most of their criticisms should be fixed with a year or two in a good S&C program. I knew when power started bitching about his arm strength that he would fall especially with the injury making him miss the latest dog and pony show
Heupel is amassing a fleet of quiet, humble kids with massive potential. They all possess quiet confidence, but are fiery competitors. I'll always trust his QB evaluations with his history of development at that position. Seeing what his past offenses have done with Drew Locke, McKenzie Milton, Dillon Gabriel, and Hendon Hooker at the helm gives me supreme confidence in the future of what he's building currently at QB. George possibly has better tools than all those guys at the same stage.
Lots of family demands. Two new grandsons now. My wife is battling cancer. One son is at Columbus AFB doing flight training.

Work has had a series of challenges sort of like "whack a mole".

I teach and serve at my church. My wife and I are doing some mentoring through an Crisis Pregnancy ministry.

I've always gardened and now I've taken up reloading and shooting more (for fun and hunting).

I'm sure when we get closer to the season I'll make more time and become my old salty self. For a bit though... I've just had other priorities. Loved the baseball run though.
Keep serving CHRIST Brother. 🙏 for Wife. In CHRIST Alone

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