'19 TN OT Jackson Lampley (Tennessee signee)


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Nov 4, 2018
I’m curious to see if he can play with the OL mentality Friend/Pruitt want.. the couple times I’ve seen him this year, he seemed to be “looking around” for someone to block, seemed kinda passive. Not the motor for guard or the footwork for tackle. We’ll see how he does at center, hopefully he can add some muscle and develop his game to contribute ASAP.


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Apr 5, 2009
“It was a chance to get to know coach (Jeremy) Pruitt a little better. I have a really good relationship with the whole staff.”

The 6-foot-4, 290-pound lineman committed to Tennessee last February and has been the vanguard of the class ever since. He had a hand in helping recruit guys like Wanya Morris, Jackson Lowe and Sean Brown, but Lampley said his official visit weekend was a more “relaxed environment” and mostly about his relationship with the staff. He connected more with OL coach Will Friend and briefly discussed Tennessee's offensive coordinator opening with Pruitt.

"Everybody else really knows as much as I do," he said.

"Honestly. Coach Pruitt seems like he’s going to get the right guy. I have a lot of faith in him and coach Fulmer in finding the best possible candidate.
“We have a group chat going and we talk to each other in that every day. We’ve really become a tight-knit group. It’s shown when we’re together or on Twitter posts. Everybody is really close and it’s a really good thing for our future,” he said.
“The two biggest guys everybody wants right now and we’re recruiting hard are Darnell Wright and Eric Gray. We’ve been recruiting them hard. We (the 2019 commits) talk to those guys everyday. They’re two really good players. They could help us out a lot if they come to Tennessee.”
As for Lampley, Tennessee’s plan for the Nashville native is to play guard or center in Knoxville. Before he enrolls in May, Lampley’s focus is to continue to work in the weigh room and learn the details of playing center.
“I’ll be an inside guy,” he said.
“They talked about how important it is to learn how to snap because really they want all the inside guys coming in to learn how to play center right away because it’s such a valuable position on the offensive line.”

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