'25 TN OL Nic Moore (Tennessee commit)

And my post was made over 3 weeks ago. What’s your point? He’s taken an OV to us since then and was gonna commit to WVU.

My point is you made a post about how ridiculous something was that didn’t even end up being a factor in his recruitment
Absolutely, and even if we don't land some of them, the other targets are just as talented.

One of the best jobs of identifying talent early and establishing relationships this class. They were really on the ball.
This. Maybe the most impressive part of this cycle. The depth of our board is high quality no matter if we swing + miss on some of the bigger pieces. But I dont think we will be doing much missing
I'm a big, "if it ain't broke, don't try to fix it" person, go with what got you to the dance; BUT...I'm not far from being convinced with throwing Beam Saturday, Zander Sunday.

Again, I don't like tinkering with things that are running on all cylinders; but...

Then again, maybe I just answered my own question. Keep going the way that's gotten us here.
I apologize. This is all about Nic Moore! Boom! 💥 (Post it to the "Talk" thread. I should have.)
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