'21 TN OL Dietrick Pennington


VolNation Dalai Lama
Nov 13, 2009
Only reason people are freaking out
because he’s an instate kid.

You’re either in or you’re not.

See ya.
Not freaking out, but he was the top Guard we supposedly had a shot of getting who just happened to be an instate kid as well. If we miss on Mims as well, who is already a longshot, that leaves us with Pounds and Parker as the current targets left on the board(or at least who have been discussed). I trust staff evaluations myself, but let's be honest, stars are sexy and boost our recruiting rankings. Maybe the staff is happy with an OL haul of Smith, Parker, and Pounds? And if they are, I'm cool with that. But some people will look and see all are currently 3*s, which just isn't as sexy or ranking boosting. And hey, maybe we're in on other guys we haven't heard of yet? Who knows? But it's understandable people are disappointed that a high rated instate guard has no interest in UT.

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