'20 TN DT Omari Thomas

Jul 8, 2011
I typically can listen to anything involving TN football. I cannot handle Basillo’s show. He consistently tries to drum up drama to get a rise from his listeners. It’s the only way he stays relevant.

The X guy is full of ****. He doesn’t have any inside info, and it’s obvious he isn’t connected to the program like he claims.
X had good info with Butchie as coach. Maybe X is Hank


The Big Orange Gun
Apr 1, 2004
Maurer is better.

Have you played football before? I ask because a team will "involuntarily" form a crowd mentality about the QB.
For better or worse they will either be demoralized by his play (2017 and 2018) or they will play to their abilities inspired by his leadership through heart, desire, and PRODUCTION (2015 and 2016).

Saw this from Peyton, Ice Man, and Dobbs. T. Martin somewhat...

Maurer has physical talent (accuracy, strong arm, athletic, good feet) and his competitive spirit, energy are vastly superior to anything else at QB for UT. He learns fast as well.

People are forgetting this kid was an Elite 11 QB!!

If you want to talk about measurables and skill-level it's not close in that regard either. Maurer is faster and quicker than both. He's also 6'4" with a rifle of an arm, just like the other two. But his quick decision making and throwing on the move will keep our offense on the field.
Which will make our defense better. He also showed the ability to read down the defense and hit his check down's and backside options.
Is he a gunslinger? For right now, but if anyone can tweak that it's Jim Chaney.

What's better, 4 tds with 3 ints or 0td and 0 ints? That's 28 points vs ZERO points. Maybe the opposition gets 14 points off those turnovers. Guess what? Still 14 points vs ZERO! We can't win if we can't score..

This 2019 team is built for a young QB to come in and have success because of all the experience at WR, RB and O-line.

Our O-line is going to look so much better because of Brian. Our "current starter" would make most lines look average or terrible. He doesn't protect them...
YES, QBs are also supposed to protect O-lineman as well as skill-players.

Our defense is deeper this year, and add that to an offense that is more efficient, what you have is a team that can compete and win.
I did like what I saw out of Maurer in the spring game, except he must get better at protecting the football but clearly he is a playmaker.

If JG goes out again with an injury, he may not see the field again this season with Maurer just waiting to prove himself.

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