'20 TN DE/LB Tyler Baron

Mar 1, 2012
Knoxville Catholic athlete Tyler Baron has been of the most coveted players in the 2020 class for quite some time. This past week, he visited Virginia Tech, Tennessee and Ohio State. Throw in a camp experience in Ohio and it's been quite the flurry of activity in his recruitment. "I got to see all those places," Baron said. "All three are places I'm interested in. For me, I'm trying to get a look at everywhere I'm interested in and at some point and I'm not saying anytime soon, make a decision based off those visits."

Baron hears from lots of schools and constantly fields calls to see where things stand as programs try to get him back on campus or to their campus for a visit. He competed at the Under Armour Ohio camp before visiting Columbus on Monday. He enjoyed the chance to get out there and get after it. "It went really well," Baron said. "I love to compete. I like to show what I can really do. I feel like I'm sometimes overlooked and I feel like I'm capable of more. I feel like I was able to show what I've improved on."

Baron currently weighs 256 pounds after playing last season in the 240s. He has worked hard on his craft with trainer Charlie Petrone. "I'm trying to get more mobile," Baron said. "Getting stronger and working on my technique. I think I was able to show that on Sunday. I've put on weight and I feel like I'm more explosive now."

"It's all of the above," Baron said. "A place where I can get a great degree and somewhere I can network. A place I can set up a 40 year plan and not just a four year plan." Baron wants to major in business and real estate marketing. "Really it's just something that has appealed to me and peaked my interest," Baron said.


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Aug 25, 2014
This is the one recruit I think we'll 100% end up with. I jw whether Baron is a 4-5 tech end or a stand up pass rushing OLB. Want either way. The budding friendship among him, Tate, Cooper, Bailey, Keshawn, and Jay Hardy will see them all in orange in the end.
Aug 3, 2014
If he wants a business degree he should come here and major in SCM. We have the best undergraduate program for it in the US and Fortune 500 companies constantly cherry pick here.
Either that or Business Analytics or Accounting, both are top 4-5 of all public universities. UT Accounting grads have the best pass rates on the CPA exam.

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