'20 TN CB Keshawn Lawrence (UT SIGNEE)


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Oct 5, 2013
#1 i don't have to back "peddle" out of anything. The kid went where he was wanted and I'm sure I'll laugh at the masses just like with Jacoby, Ugo, and so on that everyone said wasn't this or that. What you have to do as a grown man is worry about what works for you. He found what works for him and will work towards his goal of being a Pro. As far as 24 tkls go on twitter and ask his dad tough guy. That's his father and DC and he had stats in every category except kicking. So in life there's guys who focus on everything and master none of them. Once he gets to college he will be put in the best spot to get to Sunday football. Remember a few years ago Jacoby is over rated he can't get on the field. Well look at him now. Everything in life is not instant but he's set to get a big check now. But deop me that twitter handle so we can get you and Coach Grimes on line 1 since you want to know some information on his son other than what I've told you. I'll close with this Grimes is going ro a playoff top 4 team so I'd say that means a lil more than playing in the SEC for anybody other than Bama because nobody else has a chane other than LSU this year to win a championship. Sometimes a business decision doesn't put you in TN or the SEC but as long as the final outcome is Sunday who cares?
Nobody on that trash ou defense is getting drafted to be any type of difference maker in the NFL. They are practice squad type of players at best!

And stop coming around here stating your brainless opinions as facts. I.E. kiffin at ole miss. Keep back paddling, let me know how that goes...


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May 17, 2007
Bass the thing here is everywhere he left they got worse. Haden fired him and eventually got fired himself. See if you be the man you are and take the harbored feelings away and see what he did at USC with only 15 scholarships duebto Pete Carroll cheating you'd not bring that up. Also tell me how much better theyve been and how many coaches they've had and now on their 3rd AD. Bama we saw the results they lost because of Saban pride and even he admitted that. At FAU he worked wonders and contended for 2 conf championships in 3 yrs. We just had Dooley and Butch and yawl still whining about Kiffin geezus sometimes i really wonder who some of the whiners really are on here. Men or boys whos nuts haven't dropped because holding such a petty grudge is quite weak.
I cannot remember a coach that has received more accolades for such little production as Lane. He's kind of like a habitual offender.

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