Tickets for Sale or Free

If you got an email saying they were processing...check your email again. They just processed mine.

I have 4 in section B each day. I'm floored.

I'm 99% sure I can't get down there, so if @preacherman20 or @greasemachine .... if you all know anyone family/friends-wise scrambling for tickets, let me know. I'll be happy to pass them along. (If it well help get a player's family in, i'll just transfer them. No money needed....I just want to know they went to a good cause).

If there's a family group text, or the team has a group text, feel free to ask or have the boys ask.

I'll know before tonight if I can make it or not. (My mom's 77th birthday is Saturday, so its highly unlikely...I hate to miss watching it with her.)

I greatly appreciate all the help from @greasemachine and @beachvol23 for carrying the torch down there. Worked out great!
I’m thinking about pulling the trigger and driving Friday to Omaha.

Cross my fingers and hope the prices fall like they normally do.

I’m sure somebody whose last 30 posts will be about selling tickets will make me a “deal” but I’m confident I can get them there at a reasonable rate.

I believe the market is just trying to gouge the LSU fans and I think many of their fans will be holding out for the next weekend
I think tickets will be more affordable on Sat before game, but think it will be an “in demand” game. Both TN and LSU travel well so it should be a great crowd. Plus lots of neutral fans will want to watch that game as well.
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Got the dreaded but expected email “sorry we can’t fulfill your request”. Some guy who gives 100x what I give to the TN Fund in general but hasn’t been to a game all year decided he’s going to go to Omaha cause it’s the “it” thing to do.
My 15 year old daughter now says she wants to go. Her quote "grace my presence with you on Fathers Day weekend."

Looking for good price on 2 or 3 tickets. Anywhere in stadium, even if the people next to me smell like corndogs. If you're looking to make a huge windfall, don't bother. I'll take my chances in person.

fryetn @

If you're in Omaha and want me to bring you some clothing or other stuff from Knoxville. I can grab it at Volshop or Alumni Hall on way out of town tomorrow. Could be your chance to me ME

May spend Friday night in CoMo
Day game or night game (or both sessions)?
They will be for whichever game we play in. They are donor seats. Will be notified seat locations after the game tomorrow. So if we win they will be for the evening game. Also if we progress past Monday we will have 4 for every game. So if you are staying for a few days you can get those games as well. 615-795-3655 Text me if you’re interested.
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