There are emotional good stories out there.....


The Original Fade

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Jul 29, 2018
I know we’re are all in the midst of a Chernobyl style meltdown over here in Volnation, but there are some emotional, bigger than football stories out there that are playing themselves out this week. See below:
1 - Arkansas State HC Blake Anderson’s wife recently passed away from breast cancer and he had to step away to start the season. This weekend is his first game back and State is playing at Georgia. Out of respect for Anderson, a majority of the UGA fans plan to wear pink to support breast cancer research and awareness. Very cool.

2 - Ryan Hillinski is taking over the starting job at QB for South Carolina afternoon Bentley’s injury. Hillinkski’s older brother played at WSU and committed suicide earlier this year. I for one will be cheering for this young man to have a great year of for no other reason than for what’s he’s been through.

3 - And of course, #homemadeVolshirtgate. Sounds like VN has rallied around this 4th grader in Florida and showered him with Vol gear. Not to mention the official shirt is flying off the shelves now in support of this boy. Proud of VN

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