If you want a play for tonight. Primetime understand have slapped this season. MNF, TNF and SNF.
(Now that I post this watch these two teams go crazy.)
Primetime under cashes again. I was hoping someone on twitter I follow would post the stat again, but the unders are hitting in almost 80% of primetime games this season.
Wilson's passing yards went over in desperation garbage time to mess up a nice MNF parlay for me.
Ok. . . i think my pick of the week for me is Tennessee +14.5pts in the 1st half for +110!

You can get a + parlay by adding UT total pts over 26.5. I'm more confident in UT o14.5 1st half. . . parlay should be much higher odds, as I just check the o14.5 is now +110

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Go download ESPNBet. Take the free $200 and put it on Vols ML. Thank me later.

Then delete the app after you cash
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It happens mane!..😂 when you bet keep it around the same game times so you don’t get f***ked on the late money coming in…in the later games
I told my buddy earlier, if a third string freshman qb ruins my bet when Kstate is playing for a big12 title shot, then I deserve to lose lol
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