No just keep posting big losers, keep the winners to yourself and then trash on the rest of us for trying to have a good time and win some money 🤷‍♂️

Holy cow. Of course that guy's in here talking ****. I had to log out to see who you were quoting. Do yourself a favor...ignore it. I've got maybe 3-4 people on ignore....cheggaboards is straight troll
What’s your parlay?
That 11 leg parlay I posted earlier. Odds are terrible for 11 legs, but +1800 is +1800 if it hits, 😆

Edit. . . wait you're talking about the cashout parlay? Memphis, UK -4, Marquette -10.5 for +550

Can now cash out for 3 units or ride for 6. I generally cash out here, but may let it ride, because I think it may hit, if Memphis can win. They've been good lately.

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