The Official Tennessee vs. UAB Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, ESPNU


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Nov 26, 2012
Did you watch the game last week? That argument holds as much water now as saying JG is an All-American. Shrout played as well or better last week than any quarterback we have had start in three years now.
Well let’s see. Pruitt isn’t letting him throw it and I, personally, don’t trust him to throw it either. So the argument holds water like a 5 gallon bucket Chief. Also add in his first throw of the game which should’ve been picked when he threw it back across his body, and another throw that should’ve easily been picked when he threw into to double coverage.

Also, hyperbole much? The last 3 years? Stop it. JG clearly ain’t the answer but Shrout while talented with a strong arm, certainly doesn’t looks like it yet either. It’s beyond clear that Maurer is the best QB on this roster, sure hope he’s healthy and Pruitt is just saving him for the 3 game stretch to end the season....we’re gonna badly need him.

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