The Official Tennessee @ Mizzou Weekend Series Thread 3/17-3/19 (Fri. 4PM EST) (Sat. Postponed) (Sun. 2PM EST Doubleheader) (All games SEC NET+)

If you’ve started your stretch you can just throw over whenever? I don’t think that’s right given this language.

“(j) When using the set position with runners on base, a pitcher must come to a complete stop with his front foot on the ground.”

That rule applies when throwing a pitch to the plate. Not when throwing to a base.
Getting swept by a team picked to finish last in the conference ahead of the toughest 5 week stretch in the country is brutal. Not time to panic but it’s not unreasonable to be a little concerned.
Radford is MUCH different Roanoke is very dangerous now

We don’t miss Roanoke at all. I attended VA Western Comm College for two yrs before transferring to UT. I had never been to Knoxville but wanted out of Roanoke. I didn’t want to go to VA Tech, Radford, or Roanoke College; so I applied to UT and transferred the summer of 92.

I learned quickly how crazy TN football was as all I heard was Johnny and his heart surgery. Then the FL game but things in perspective as I’ve been an avid TN fan since. It was the wildest scene I had ever seen or experienced.
Putting Christian Scott in center field really helps the defense. Wish he could hit more.

KT might help in right.

CTV got a puzzle to figure out.

The good news....we have 12+ arms.
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No way we should be playing behind every game this weekend. I have saw nothing against quality opponents this year to show we can compete.
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Missou is a so patient at the plate. They’ve got something on how Tennessee is calling the game. Our batters on the other hand are very undisciplined. Chasing crap, bat on shoulder with balls in the zone, and not making pitchers work. Really disappointing performance.
I bet Halvorsen feels like a heel.

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