The Official Tennessee @ Mizzou Weekend Series Thread 3/17-3/19 (Fri. 4PM EST) (Sat. Postponed) (Sun. 2PM EST Doubleheader) (All games SEC NET+)

Guess I picked a good night to go support the local HS in the state Mock Trial competition.

Hope some of y'all had a good night despite the score and weather. Maybe with some hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps? (Haven't had that in 40+ years... Gosh that would taste good right now!)
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I think it’s the environment more so. The cold is what helps make some of these series a ****** environment even more. We seem to feed off the back against the wall/villains/chip on shoulder vibe that you get at big time road locations and/or the 4500 people on top of you and pulling for you at home. Where there is no environment, hostile or friendly, we struggle.
Yep. And with the cold and wind, it's bound to affect players who aren't used to it. Mizzou lives and practices in those conditions. Not making excuses, but it does give them a distinct advantage. If we can avoid a sweep in this one and get out with no injuries or pulled muscles, I'm happy.
Ridiculous how Mizzou was able to string together those XBHs down the line yesterday. Have to get the offense going tomorrow though.
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True character and long term strength comes through challenges accepted and overcome. I bleed orange. This difficult time will pass. Just be a little patient Vol fans. The weather yesterday and being home team favored Zoo . Our time will come. Having said that, like our basketball team missing free throws and committing turnovers, you gotta take care of business and play like champs and not chumps. I have faith in CTV and we do have a young/new group of players that have not found their groove yet. I do agree we need to get a couple signature wins. That would help a lot. Cheers to the Lady Vols for win last night at LSwho. Need basketball wins today so cheering for men and women. GO VOLS!

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