The Official Nashville Soccer Club Thread

Any thoughts on the roster? Shaffelburg sticking adds much needed speed. Not sure about the other offers.
I want to like Nashville SC but what they did to taxpayers was political corruption. People like me shouldn’t fund pet projects of billionaires.
If the investment ROI stands on its own merit, then they can fully fund the costs. It’s well documented that these projects never pay for themselves like investments in businesses and convention centers and that money would be better served going to education or infrastructure that benefits more people. We still lost money on LP Field and they’ve got the nerve to ask for a new stadium after the products they’ve fielded. I guess the point is to give money to billionaires so the people are so uneducated that they think subsidizing billionaires for subpar bread and circuses is better than investing in themselves.
Got the new kit ordered. I'm finally making it to the new stadium for the opener next Saturday.

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