The Official EKU @ Tennessee Game Thread (Tues. 3/12 6PM EST) (SECNET+)

The ones that really bother me are...
“Tony Vitello can’t win the big one”
“Tony Vitello always chokes”
“This guy(fill in player’s name) is garbage”
Most of the time I can overlook many things, we are all VOL fans and we get emotional, I get it.
But the insults about the players drives me nuts!
I’ll be the first to say “that was a terrible AB” but I never let it get personal, or at least try my best not to.
Here's a drive-by for you . Vols baseball team is pretty damn good..

I will drive-by after Friday's game..

should replace the Daddy hat after home runs.
I was about to give the "I'm sorry, what!?" response and suggest you be banned for thinking the pic of that hat is superior to either of the two Daddy hat pics that frequent our threads.

Then I realized you meant the actual hat in the actual dugout. Whew.

But you should still probably be banned for that suggestion, too.
Been a minute and I don't recall the context of the give em what they want trey guy.

Can someone remind me? I know it's a popular Vols meme, I'm referring to the game situation it occurred in.

Big game (aren't they all?) Come back in process. Lipscomb up with go-ahead runner on 2d.

Pan to crowd. Meme now lives in infamy.

Give 'em what they want Trey!
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