The Official #7 Tennessee vs. Wofford Game Thread, 6:30 PM ET, SEC Network+

why does Barnes leave starters in the game with a big lead and 2 mins or less in the game? why risk injuries to your top players.
Just the kind of game and win we needed before Maui. Outside of the rebounding, UT did what it needed to do.
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Love the way Terriers played. Ncaa effort they played with. Vols realized this team came to play and that they have a target. Good for our guys to get Pushed because these games make you better than going out and cruising to easy win because other tram just folded so easily. GBO. In CHRIST Alone
Can take a couple things from this game, obviously could have shot a lot better than we did.

But Wofford had averaged over 50% shooting and 90 points through the first 2 games.

Holding them under 40% and near 60 is a feat
Defense can still win games when the shots aren’t falling - this group is bought in. Get ZZZ and Vescovi rolling and we’ll be a really tough out in the tourney!
Poor DJ. Rooting so hard for him because I don’t want him to transfer but another game where he gets no floor time. Don’t think we’re seeing him much this year.

I really do want things to work out for him here, but it’s just looking more and more likely that isn’t in the cards. Hopefully he remembers we lose a LOT of minutes next year and that the grass is not always greener at other programs (BHH).

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