The Official #4 Tennessee vs. #5 Duke NCAA Tournament Game Thread, 2:40 PM ET, CBS


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Dec 2, 2017
I don't know a lot about Duke but I know they are good at multiple spots. I don't see us having an advantage anywhere because we don't have that type of roster. Vescovi is going to have to get in the 20's and the glue guys are going to have to play well.
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Oct 20, 2017
Ok, it's GAMEDAY!! LFG!!! All positive vibes from here on out! Just gotta stomp on then like a little ROACH!! Pluck em out like little WHITEHEAD Pimples they are! Do some double FLIPKOWSKI'S on them!!!! Duke ain't nothing!! They may be YOUNG and LIVELY, but it won't take a PROCTOR to Gamble it all on the VOLS!!! ACC SUCKS! VOLS BY FIDDY!! ROCKY TOP BABY!!
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Oct 8, 2012
I don’t expect much from Phillips in this game.

He’s just not strong enough to attack the rim and his handles have been suspense.

If we have any chance at winning, JJJ HAS to grow up and show up today. Attack the rim, don’t just settle for jump shots.
That's not his game. Very seldom has he attacked the rim. This isn't the time to try something that makes him uncomfortable.


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Feb 10, 2011
While I’ve been concerned and posted the last two weeks that TN would be paired against Duke, I think we can win this game.

Rarely do I discuss officiating but this is the one game where officiating will make the difference. If they allow the game to be be more physical then TN has a great shot of winning as our bigs can bang down low. If the refs blow the whistle then it may be a long day as Duke is quicker and more athletic.

Vols win if:

1. Allowed to play physical. Put a body on Duke player when dribble driving to the rim. Plus, pressure their guards and big men. Keep Duke off the foul line.

2. Rebound - we don’t have to win the rebounding battle but must limit Duke’s 2nd chance points.
Awaka mist have a good game and give TN 2nd chance opportunities.

3. Turnovers - TN must take care of the ball. Plus, pressure Duke’s young guards.

4. Three ball - make around 6-8 three balls.

5. MAKE foul shots. Missing a foul shot, esp front end of 1 and 1 is like a turnover.

Go Vols!

I agree with stated reasons for how they can defeat Duke today.
I’m excited they have a realistic chance of winning for the factual reasons you stated, and also accept it’s a realistic chance a stacked Duke team outplays Tennessee mainly with great performances from all starters, and the defense succeeding with holding the Volunteers to under 61 points which statistics show realistically that they can achieve.
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