The Official #4 Tennessee vs. #5 Duke NCAA Tournament Game Thread, 2:40 PM ET, CBS

Wow, look at all that Orange in the crowd. Good run to end the half. JJJ will need to step up more in the second half offensively if Tennessee is to put this away. Great 20 minutes of basketball so far. I'll be glad to take this loss in my bracket(I picked Duke.... Besides it's more or less ruined)
That was an example of tough defense over finesse,and the former wins out most of the time.
Can only attack it when we pull Lively out from the basket or he’s sitting tbh.
Fair but we have to get the ball in the arc. If it goes back out that’s ok but we take far too many 3s on possessions where the ball never penetrates the arc and far too many 3 feet or more beyond the arc.
Unlike 75% of posters on here this weekend - THIS TEAM ISN’T SCARED OF THE NAME ACROSS THE JERSEY!!!
Interesting perspective on this, Rucker said he asked Santi and ON how they watched the NCAAT growing up; they didn’t. With our international flavor, the Duke name means nothing to these guys and it shows. It does to CRB and this is the best coaching job and emotion I’ve seen from him in a long time. He’s ready to lace him up today and show Scheyer what experience looks like.
Charles Barkley complimenting Barnes and the Vols? He must not be feeling well today.

He must be entertained by a fearless Tennessee team that vast persons expected Duke to outplay them which for some portions they were before Tennessee repeatedly responded successfully.

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