The Official "2020 Final Presidential Debate" Thread

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Nov 23, 2012
Some takeaways...

Moderator did fairly well. She interrupted Trump, yes, but he generally was able to get his point across. However, she wasn't picking sides nor doing the "yes you did! or no, you didn't!" aspect like we've seen already. She stayed neutral on the answers which is exactly what she needed to do.

Biden is his own worst enemy. Tripped up on several points and his answer of "Republican Congress" really didn't help anything. His dig at the fossil fuel industry lost him that vote tonight. There is no way they go his way and no way the unions support him.

The other Biden thing is he pretty much was challenging the media to find him not guilty. This whole laptop thing and the Hunter connection is just begging for someone outside of Fox News to pick up the story. Whether the left leaning media will is another matter. But he basically threw down the gauntlet and is daring them to look into it.

Trump did well and stuck to facts for the most part. His pointed questions at Biden resonated and I feel like they'll resonate outside of the debate hall. His Covid answers weren't bad, weren't good, just kind of status quo. What I'd like for him to have done is point out the 70% of people that are ready to move on.

He hammered the legacy of the Obama-Biden Administration and brought the best points of "why didn't you do this?" Again, Obama had a DNC controlled House and Senate for two wasted years. All he got was Obamacare. But Trump hammering home the point of "you gotta deal with them, Joe" really hammered home the point that Obama was just as partisan and divisive as Trump is claimed to be.

Overall, the last half hour to 45 minutes was the Trump show. I think he took the debate overall and Joe stumbled way too many times on way too many answers. You could see him getting visibly flustered when he was searching for an answer. Trump put him on the defensive and he couldn't effectively respond.

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