The Official #18 Tennessee @ Texas Game Thread, 8:00 PM ET, ESPN

I remember when I read Powell was a huge get for Barnes. Pretty sure there's a reason Auburn didn't want him.
What do you mean didn’t want him? If a kid wants to transfer it’s not like AU can keep him. He avg 12PPG as a true FR before his season ending concussion. He’s regressed in area of his game and we’ve seen others not improve in 3-4 years. At some point Barnes becomes to blame.
In the opening 8 minutes of the first half and opening 8 minutes of the second half we've scored a combined 9 points. That's just absolutely ridiculous. No excuse for it and no way to defend it.
Barnes let them slide right into this mess. Do we have any bigs worth a damn? I think we have the smallest team in the nation. Unrank this team. They are like a top 60 team at best.
This Tn team is bad. No scoring threat. Missing middle school shots. Not a top 25 team. Fulkerson needs to sit. Bunch of wasted scholarships. How can a division one team play this bad. Looks like just a bunch of misfits. No flow no cohesion no sense of urgency. Does not look like we are capable of making a run.
Why are we so intent on playing half-courts offense? The color commentators have made the point so many times that we’re just letting Texas set their defense up and then we slow it down and get bullied.
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Tennessee doesn't have any loss outside of Q1 in terms of NET rankings, and the game at Alabama is their worst loss according to Torvik/KenPom/BPI. Unless the Vols start losing to truly bad teams, their floor is a #6 seed in the NCAA tournament.
Only to lose in the opening round.
Can we get some bombs from Vescovi? Please!
We can’t because we don’t move with purpose. We ran a weave on this last possession but not for any reason. We just did it. If we would work the ball in and kick out maybe we could get one but instead we pass it around the perimeter hoping someone sags off their man.
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He has two 5* bigs sitting on the bench. The upperclassmen are what they are at this point and they’re not cutting it.
I think what Barnes is thinking is this year, hell keep this team together and limp it into the tournament as a middle seed with a likely first or second round out.

I think he should play the long game and play these younger guys to develop them. We'd likely sneak in as a very low seed. But the payoff would come next year with a better developed younger team.

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