The Official #18 Tennessee @ #21 LSU Game Thread, 6:00 PM ET, ESPN2

Yeah, hosting that BBQ was just outlaw stuff. Really compares strongly to Wooden running a team with a higher payroll than an NBA team for more than a decade. The NCAA wouldn't touch him. He was too powerful. As soon as he retired they decided to move on UCLA.
No one you originally mentioned lost their job because of cheating. He did.
No one you originally mentioned lost their job because of cheating. He did.

That's the point. They all cheat and have done so for decades with no consequences regarding their job, because the schools where they coached haven't bent over for the NCAA.
You miss 14 free throws and 18 three point attempts and allow the other team to score 79 points how you going to win. I thought this was supposed to be one of the better Tennessee shooting teams and it is turning into one of the worst. Defensively we were terrible in this game. Looks at this time like we have another 9 and 9 SEC team and will be about in the middle of the pack. I don't know how we can get better quickly enough to do much better.
We need players to hit open three point shots. I saw a lot of looks that won't get any better that were clanked. If we can't hit those shots then John Fulkerson is the least of our problems. We need players to step up to the line and make free throws you can't miss 14 attempts. If we miss 14 in a game then John is again the least of our problems.
Losing sucks. Need tougher play at times. Vescovi needs minimum 12 shots a game, Chandler needs to play smarter, JJJ has to be better. Chandler will, not sure about JJJ.

Chandler did not respond well to being physically knocked off the ball as he drove several times near the top of the key. We will not fare well in any game where they are allowed to maul you. Should be a clue when we have to keep Uros in just to be able to survive the contact.

My assessment of this team has not changed in a while. We are so inconsistent but have the ability to beat any team we play or lose to any team we play. I think coach ought to add some of those boxing head gear to our locker room and have our guys put them on when the officials let it get out of hand. We did not deserve to win tonite, but when they could call a F1 on Uros for having his arm trapped, and not even review that CLIPPING call that guy layed on Fulky it was obvious they were impacted by their coach and crowd. That was in no way a basketball move. Mixing in a few touch fouls does not even things out.
Barnes' assessment of the game: Fulkerson needs to step aside and if we'd made our free throws we'd of won by 10. Math majors chime in please.
And PS: We're a good 3 pt shooting team. We even set a record.
7 games shooting under 70% from the free throw line.
8 games with 15 or fewer attempts at the free throw line.
8 games shooting under 30% from 3 and 8 games shooting at least 25 attempts from 3.

But the one consistent thing that's happened in every single loss has been our inability to shoot well from the field, bottom 4 games in FG% Texas Tech, Villanova, Alabama, LSU. Lowest assist per game, yep those same 4 games.

I just hope the players and staff realize the games where they move the ball on offense and don't just settle for perimeter shots are the games they win.
Totally missed the game to see Jason Isbell, checked the box score…went about how I expected.

Gonna need to either get better at 3 or stop shooting them so damn much. Fulky has been so frustratingly inconsistent these past two seasons. How can the guy that played so well against Arizona also play so badly against Ole Miss & LSU?
Ole Miss & LSU low post defense negated Fulky's offensive low post moves.
We should have worked with Bruce and not the NCAA. Working with the NCAA screwed us. Teams that tell the NCAA they aren't budging on certain things, tend to get their way.
Bruce had a wing of the hospital named after him. He loved Knoxville and even cried after his first return game when they started playing TN Waltz. Maybe we can get him back someday

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