The Official #12 Tennessee @ Auburn Game Thread, 2:00 PM ET, ESPN

Also, don't blame the offense for this one. We're shooting 49% from the field and 50% from 3. Turnovers (which at least several have come from flat out missed calls) are the biggest reason, sent the defense has not been good today at all.
Our defense hasn’t been quite as good, but Auburn has also hit a lot of garbage shots they don’t normally hit. They are highly motivated today.
Tennessee has had 7 games where they have led by 6 or more and lost

Tennessee has had just 3 wins when trailing by 6 or more

Very telling
I wouldn’t call Green a stud player. He’s streaky and can take over a game, but I feel like he frustrates Auburn’s fanbase more often than not. He’s definitely not in the same caliber as the guards Pearl has had previously.
Name a single player on our team that isn’t streaky. Look at our fan base after a loss, we bitch about every player and also our coach.
Fam base criticism isn’t an accurate metric
Yes it does, TN now lost the double bye in SEC tournament and if they lose first game in that tourney they will be a 4 seed in NCAA. Do not like their chances
Historically haven’t done well with a 2 seed. Just our fate.
Vescovi is a liability as a ball handler or filling any type of point guard role. Uros should be playing more than Aidoo. We have struggled all season not having a true point guard.

Vescovi is forced to be the primary ball handler.

Neither Aidoo or Plasvic are any good.
The Nega Vols will come out of the woodwork with a loss today. If you're sane-minded, remember it's been nearly impossible for top 15 teams to win on the road this year - only 40% have won (that's the lowest % in the history of the AP poll era). This season was always going to be decided on a neutral floor in March.
It would be different if we lost close. Not scoring in the last 5 minutes and scoring droughts have been a staple for Barnes teams
Barnes only calls an offensive play once or twice a game, Pearl calls the offensive play every other series and still calls those set screens for the screener as he did at Tennessee. Barnes upper classmen have all topped out, are not fundamentally sound in the complete game to play against the talented teams and Vescovi, Plavsic and Nkumwa are nice projects and have done extremely well at Tennessee, but have significant defensive failures and offensive breakdowns with regularity. JJJ should join them all seeking fortunes playing in Europe next year, turning the reins over to the younger guys which have greater upside going forward.
Well you knew after Bama game and them needing a W it was not going to be even. Give them credit as well shot the ball from perimeter better than usual. In CHRIST Alone

Yeah, I would say about 10 bad no calls on us and 30 on them. No way there is no contact on our drives to the goal.
Bad news, after this game every team has their backs against the wall, and this team hasn't shown to be able to handle that for a month now.
So with two buzzer beater losses we beat Alabama and then smoked Arkansas after losing at A&M... You're wrong.

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