The Official #12 Tennessee @ Auburn Game Thread, 2:00 PM ET, ESPN

The Nega Vols will come out of the woodwork with a loss today. If you're sane-minded, remember it's been nearly impossible for top 15 teams to win on the road this year - only 40% have won (that's the lowest % in the history of the AP poll era). This season was always going to be decided on a neutral floor in March.
Yea gotta figure out how to play offense late in the games without ZZ. Awful last 4 mins can’t expect Vescovi to do it all. JJJ be a senior.
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We are just a bad team in the final 5 minutes in a tight game. Our record has gotta be like 2-7 now.
Is this the worst road team in recent memory under Rick Barnes? Obviously outside of the first 2 seasons when we were rebuilding. We simply cannot win on the road if the team isn’t bad. Miss State is our best road win.
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Looks like the Pearl toilet bowl lickers will get to have their fun today.

Hate losing to this Auburn team. So many dislikable faves on that team.

They will act like Pearl did something but our roster is more garbage than we realized.
Back-and-forth game until Auburn hit shots, we did not. Despite the loss, a good showing, let’s get the second season going!
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7-14 from the FT line.

Not the first game they have lost that is in large part due to poor free throw shooting.

Make 4-5 more feee throws and this is a different game at the end.

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