The Official #1 Tennessee vs Vandy SEC Tourney Game Thread (Thursday 7PM EST SEC NETWORK)



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Mar 8, 2021
Here's something to note: We scored 41 runs in our last three game series with a super cold Colton Lawson and a semi-cold three-hitter, Jordan Beck. When you have a lineup like ours, two guys can be slumping and the other 7 will still crush mediocre pitching. And against a good hitting team, we gave up two and three runs in the first two games. I like our chances to advance Wednesday and Thursday in the winner bracket with Blade and Dolly starting, then we get a Friday day off to rest the BP, and get to throw Burns and Beam against our opponent's #3 and #4 starters. If we somehow slip into the loser bracket, we will still have better starting pitching than our opponents. We're locked and loaded.

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