The Official #1 Tennessee @ Vandy Series Thread (Fri. May 10 7PM EST SECNET+) (Sat. May 11 3PM EST SEC NETWORK) (Sun. May 12 3PM EST ESPN2)

I tried everything I could.

I left the Mother's Day lunch table. IN the 4th or 5th inning
I grabbed that bottle of Jim Beam
I went to the same office/closet and turned on the same monitor with the same ballcap.

It's almost like I had nothing to do with it.

Oh well.
I guess I'll have to live with being a consensus #1 team again with the best record in Div 1 College baseball and who has won 8 consecutive conference series and beaten their biggest rival every season season since the 2021.

If we tie (record wise) w/ KY why wouldn’t we be named sole SEC champion due to head to head record?
Because that's simply not how the SEC does it. I suppose they like to spread it around by naming co-champions. The tie breaker does apply to SEC Tournament seeding.
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