The Oakland A's- MLB's newest AAAA team

Wanted this hat for years so finally got it. Always had a soft spot for the A’s. Sad to see them leave Oakland, but obviously better for them.
So is this Vegas saying they want an MLB team, just not the A's?

Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman isn't exactly extending a warm embrace to the Oakland Athletics, who plan to build a $1.5 billion stadium in her city.

In fact, Goodman said the team's stadium plan "does not make sense" and that A's ownership should go back to the drawing board and pitch a new plan in the Bay Area.

"I personally think [the A's have] got to figure out a way to stay in Oakland to make their dream come true," Goodman told the Front Office Sports Today podcast, which was released Tuesday.

Goodman took to social media later Tuesday to add context to her comments and said she was "excited about the prospect of Major League Baseball" in her city, though she didn't back off her statement that Oakland and the A's should try to make their relationship work in a "perfect world."


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