The Oakland A's- MLB's newest AAAA team

Oakland city council certified the environmental impact review. Also of note, Kaval’s bid on a site in Vegas (The Tropicana), lost out to Bally’s. Oakland gaining more and more ground.
There are plenty of other reasons to consider you a clown.
See that box of big league chew over there? For sale. Those new fungo bats? $50 obo

The dugout bench? Yours if the price is right.

We’ll even bottle up some of the sewage water next time it overflows into the dugout to sell if ya want
A’s have a large and passionate fan base no doubt. The Giants had crowds like that at Candlestick. They built a new park and the fans showed up. Of course, the Giants also spent money on players.
And won. Dodgers fans did this. New ownership within 90 days, and well, we see how that has worked out

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