The Golf thread II


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Jul 3, 2010
I’m going to go on a limb and say you didn’t like it :)

I sure didn’t.
I'm going to try and be professional and remain respectful with my comments.

Probably should be just a 9 hole course, but the back 9 is at least creative.

I wish I would have played the course deeper into the spring. It also didnt help at all that the greens had been plugged and not mowed.

Ok, here goes: if you like a long open course where you can pull out your driver and rip away off the tee then this is not your course. Even the front 9 is small and tight. If you hit the ball down the middle and consistent then you can probably enjoy yourself a little.

The greens were small and I cant comment on roll or undulation because they were long enough to he considered the first cut of rough on most courses. Lots of water on the front. You will lose a lot of balls if you dont know your distance on each club or hit it straight. Lots of geese and goose crap everywhere also.

I've already mentioned the back 9 was probably not needed, but it's there soooooo. It reminded me of putt putt for a golf course. There are 2 holes where your tee shot is to lay up 150yds away to hit another 150 yd shot to the green. To get to one hole it's worse than driving the foothills parkway. At least 3 good steep switchbacks. That's not the worst of it. You have to climb by foot up a strange set of steps about 70 yards to the top of the mountain to tee off of a mat to a green at the bottom of the mountain. A sand wedge/pitching wedge will get you there.

I read a review where a guy was super critical of the cart paths. I thought while reading it how bad could it be. Well, it was as bad as described. You think, I'll just drive on the grass. Nope, everything was so wet or muddy that wasnt an option.

The good news is that it's a pretty course. The area and mountains are nice. Also, it's the only course close if your staying there. I dont know what they regularly charge because they were still on winter rates and the greens were plugged. If they charge more than $30 then it's a rip off.

I might play it once more when everything if fully green to see if it matters. If not I may drive to newport or pigeon forge and play


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Oct 27, 2006
Y'all need to come by Draper Valley Golf here in SWVA. Exit 89 off i-81 in Pulaski VA. Course is in great shape, and we have new tennant running our bar and grille. Check us out on Facebook, Draper Valley Golf Club or Draper Valley Grille. All kinds of weekly deals on food and golf.

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