The Golf thread II

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Oct 29, 2012
To me, golf has always been a gentleman's game. A gentleman doesn't take advantage of something like Kuchar did. Sergio shouldn't have raked the putt, but 2 wrongs don't make a right.

About 50 years ago, when I was a U.T. student, I played in the Southern Appalachian Tournament at Bay's Mountain. It was a match play event, and I had advanced to the 2nd round. My roommate caddied for me, and while we were walking up the 13th hole , he said to me "that guy has 16 clubs in his bag." Of course, I checked it out for myself, without my opponent's knowledge, and confirmed 16 clubs. I decided not to say anything at that moment, and spent the rest of the round wondering how and when to call it.

I was 1 down at the time, and my caddie asked me what the penalty was in match play. I knew the rule, and answered "loss of the 1st 2 holes." Since he had won the first hole and halved the 2nd, that put him 2 down to me in the match, instead of 1 up, as we were walking up 13. It would be a 3 hole swing. I told my caddie that I would play it out and decide how to handle it if I wound up losing. If I could win without calling the penalty, I could avoid the situation. Well, I worried about that instead of my play and lost 1 up.

So, I walk over to the guy and shook his hand and said "congratulations, but you just lost this match" , and explained the rule. I went on to tell him that I would not be calling the penalty on him because "those 2 extra clubs didn't help you beat me, but you had better get them out of your bag before your next match because the next guy probably won't be as nice as I am." In retrospect, those 2 extra clubs did beat me because that was all I thought about the last 5 holes, but I couldn't pull the trigger and take a victory that way..

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